SEO is changing very rapidly in present-day days. Google is introducing various algorithm to combat spammers and to make this online planet more accurate and pleasing place. SEO is such a great practice; if done properly then you can reap real fruits in very short time.
In last 4-5 month I grasped that SEO is the key to success. You can drive countless of visitors at free of cost if you know what they are looking for.
I am moving 2-3 niche blog and for them I am operating Long Tail Pro to find potential keywords.
This would be like shooting in dark, and we don’t know where we are going to hit.
If you are tired obtaining online classes about good keyword research then your browse ends here.
Today I am supposed to share Long Tail Pro Article which is going to help you receiving thousands of good keywords, which will send huge traffic on your blog and money will start putting in your pocket. icon smile Long Tail Pro Tutorial: A Complete Guide To Find interested Keywords
Note: I am using LongTail Pro platinum version so you will see separate options if you are not using platinum version. I highly recommend to buy platinum adaptation if you want to get more pros.
Let’s start Long Tail Pro Tutorial
 Step 1: Create a marketing.
n campaign you are going to fill your campaign name corresponding to your niche and you can create many activities.
Select your vocabulary and country for which you want to see your keyword’s contest.
Step 4: Enter your Moz API key
Put your Access ID and Secret Key in Long Tail Pro position.
After submitting your information it will show you keyword research like this.
It has given us potential keywords giving information about average CPC, local searches, global searches,  advertiser competitor, average keyword competition (you will get this feature in platinum version).
Step 5: Sort them regarding to local searches or global searches (I sorted them according to local searches here).
Now we are going to find keywords which are having local searches between 2000 to 10000 and global online searches 4000-20000.
There is one column Advertiser Competition which is valuable for advertisers only. Means if you want to advertize for these keywords using Google Adwords then you will have to face this much competition.
We are going to use gauge button here.
I will click on forecast button and see how much struggle we will have to face if we want to stand for this keyword.
Note: We will desired keywords which will have medium competition less than 40.
Now we come with found some potential keywords for which we can assemble our niche blog or write information.
Step 6: Analyze your competitiveness
This is very important step which you will have to carry out very carefully. Here we are going to analyze our top 10 competitors and going to see their SEO.
For a good one page SEO.
Your title must have your keyword.
Your article url must have keyword.
Your on-page SEO must be very strong.
Here we are going to check our 10 competitor’s SEO.
I have preferred “how to prevent acne” keyword which is having 2900 local searches and 5400 global searches. This keyword has ordinary keyword competition 39.
Read thoroughly
Here we are likely to check page authority, domain authority, page rank and domain’s age of our level of competition.
Our very first observation will be to check our competitors for exact match “how to prevent acne.”
Now you can see that there are only two opponents which are having our direct keyword match and they both the have domain age 9.1 and 16.9 years respectively.
Page authority of 3rd position holder is 48 which sitting on 7th position have page authority 52.
So here I will consider that it is with moderation easy to rank keyword and with minor efforts and good backlinking we can rank for this search phrase.
Final Words.
This is the exact keyword research method which I am using to find potentially interested keywords for my blogs and driving countless if visitors daily.
Hope this Long Tail Pro Session will help you to find great keywords and dominate search engines.
Here is screen grab of one of my niche blog which is getting 10000+ daily organic traffic.
If you have any doubt while using LongTailPro then don’t be reluctant to ask from me in comment segment.

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